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"A Good Teacher Is Like A Candle: It Consumes Itself  To Light The Way For Others."





Certified Coding Specialist

Greetings future specialist "Coach T" and I am the owner of Coding Management & Technologies, LLC, a home-based company in New York that was started in 2015. My background in the Healthcare industry started in 2005 as a Certified Medical Assistant and in 2014, I graduated with a degree in Healthcare Administration and began my career as a Certified Coding Specialist. Within my first year I  decided to start building my business from the ground up! 

    While studying for my Associate's degree at ASA College, I was offered an opportunity in the Medical Billing and Coding field thru SUNY who had partnered with Northwell Health and that's when I realized just how much of an exciting and well compensated career that Medical billing and coding had to offer!

I created the Medical Billing/Coding Training  and Coaching program, to share my knowledge and passion to help others who may not be able to go back to college for a degree but yet still are looking for a career that's IN DEMAND. My goal is to educate and train as many people I can and assist them with a life-changing career in the Healthcare industry. Working from home has become a very popular alternative for companies to save on overhead cost and allow employees the flexibility of getting the job done from almost anywhere! I have been working remotely in this industry for years and have had the ability to balance work life and family life. My goal is to assist upcoming coders and billers in achieving a balanced life with financial freedom at an affordable rate!


"Don't let the fear of learning something new deter you from taking your career to the next level...KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!"

             -Coach T*


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