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Medical Record Auditing Services 

We understand that accuracy, proficiency and quality are crucial components when it comes to coding and documentation in the healthcare's revenue cycle. Our company offers certified and experienced staff to help conduct medical record auditing to ensure providers are compensated fully and have less denials. Our goal is to provide education and training to help improve clinical documentation and ensure coding guidelines and regulations are followed to help build a strong revenue cycle.  

Medical Record Coding Services

CMT believes that the key to success for any healthcare facility or medical practice is a healthy revenue cycle. We understand that accurate and proficient medical coding is one the critical behind-the-scenes components in ensuring physicians are appropriately  compensated for medical services rendered.  Our certified coding specialists are here to help promote a smooth coding and billing process which would allow your company optimize revenue.

Our  certified coding professionals are knowledgeable and experienced in pro-fee and facility coding:

  • Inpatient 

  • Outpatient

  • Family Practices

  • Health Clinics


HIM Consulting Services 

Our goal is to build a partnership with health information management and revenue cycle clients. CMT provides our clients with customized solutions, efficient communication and industry expertise to help meet their goals. 

Open and honest communication is a key factor in our client services. Every clients has their own requirements and is unique in their own way. Our specialist are excited to provide support. Let us help!

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